Bukharian Dating


Bukharian Jews have a very tight knit community where reputation and public standing mean a lot to families. The reputation of a girl can decide her future marriage prospects so it is in her best interests and that of her family to be sure it is never so much as tarnished even slightly.

Bukharian dating is arranged with the approval of the families to avoid any appearance of improper behavior on the part of either one in the couple. The male reputation is as important as the female’s to a prospective bride’s family so he must behave accordingly as well as her.

There have been updates to the Bukharian dating traditions that include online dating services specifically for their faith group, since Bukharian Jews rarely marry anyone but others of their belief. Once the date has gone well, there may be reason to carry it to the next level and date exclusively. This also involves the parents of both people. They have to approve before the relationship can continue since there can be no associating with those who could damage the standing of the family in the community.

It all seems like a lot of effort to those on the outside, but the relationships that are forged with the approval of the families has been shown to be far stronger than those that are in direct defiance of the family’s wishes. While these Jews do tend to marry quite young as compared to the national average, the marriages seem to be much more stable than those of their contemporary counterparts.