Bukharian Restaurants


People in general like to eat and love exotic dishes. Bukharian Jewish restaurants prepare dishes that will make you salivate, and the Bukharian Restaurants deliver what they promise in their delicious culinary menus.

Bukharians took their old school cooking recipes to America and jazzed up the tasty food with Old World seasonings. The result is a mix of fried fish in garlic sauce, baked samosa, lamb shish kebab and loaded plates containing a pilaf of rice, beef meat, carrots and onions among other scrumptious delectable menu choices.

How about a main dish of chicken, lamb and ground beef kebabs served with hummus and salad plus side dishes if you wish to have the latter? Kebabs can be ordered with Bukharian rice that is served with carrots and beans topped by olive oil. The garlic and parsley fries are mouthwatering. Mantu, better known as dumplings, are crammed with tasty minced meat, and it would be a sin not to choose Bukharian carrot salad.

Bukharians have traveled different pathways before reaching America. They blend in their food with a potpourri of Persiaメs vegetable stuffed pilafs and lamb kebabs as well as Russian stuffed vegetables and meat laden borscht.

China’s noodles and green tea and Indiaメs easily chewed flatbreads that is made from unleavened dough commingled to heighten the tasty Bukharian food experience as the immigrants moved on from one country to the other. Thanks to their food adventures, Bukharian Restaurants offer the best Old World cuisines in New York.

The Bukharian food tradition continues to thrive in Queens, New York. The Oshi Sabo dish, which is a simmering rice dish, is blended with chopped meat and dried fruit and is usually served in addition to grilled kebabs on Saturdays. Dessert features fresh or stewed fruit, pistachios and green tea.

If you are out on the town in Rego Park, pop into Registan located in Forest Hills, Cheburechnaya or any of the other Bukharian Restaurants along the Queens Boulevard strip. There is a special Bukharian Restaurant in the area that will satisfy your culinary desires.