Congregation Dibrot Eliyahu Celebrates New Torah

From left: Rabbi Yisrael Abergel of Jerusalem, brother of the synagogue’s spiritual leader Rabbi Elchanan Abergel, prepares the new scroll for its final stitches, with Rabbi Yitzchak Abayei, spiritual leader of Congregation Keter Torah in Brooklyn; Rabbi Chaim Amsalem, former member of the Israel’s Knesset; and Rabbi Eliyahu Abergel, former chief justice of the Jerusalem rabbinic court and father of Rabbi Elchanan Abergel. Rabbi Elchanan Abergel, spiritual leader of Congregation Dibrot Eliyahu, addresses the crowd at the celebration. He is wearing a traditional Bukharian rabbinic gown. Oren Mashiach dances with the new Torah.

Almost 200 people gathered at Congregation Dibrot Eliyahu in Rhawnhurst last month to complete and celebrate its new Torah scroll and the first phase of its building renovation.

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