LEADERS OF OUR COMMUNITY- unanimously adopted a responsible decision



August 14, 2017
Hereby we inform you that on August 13, 2017, the Third Assembly of the Congress of Bukharian Jews of the USA and Canada was held in the Hall of Celebrations of the Center of Bukharian Jews.

During the lively and lengthy discussion on the report of the President of Congress, Boris Kandov, members of the Congress Board, rabbis, community leaders and public organizations, the presidents of the Funds unanimously adopted a responsible decision:

  1. Set the sizes of cash gifts (per person) for weddings – $100, for anniversaries, bar and bat mitzvah, muesargiron, Brit, held in the evening, $70. If these activities are held in the morning, the gift should not exceed $50.
  2. Set the size of the cash contribution for the funeral feast – $25- $30 dollars.
  3. To establish that a wake after the first anniversary of the death of the person commemorated should be completed no later than 9pm.

The above decisions were made in connection with the long-standing and numerous appeals of members of our community over the excessive financial burden that they have to bear for years.

In connection with the need to participate in various kinds of celebrations and funeral ceremonies, the family is not in a position to provide the necessary articles of its own expenses, in particular payment for keeping children in Jewish kindergartens, their education in schools, yeshivas, colleges, universities. An acute financial problem is especially felt in young families who need significant savings to pay their Student Loans, rent an apartment (Apartment Rent), mortgage (Mortgage Payment), economic, transportation and other expenses, etc.

The situation is aggravated by the fact that recently the number of family celebrations and wake-ups in the community has increased significantly, requiring new, additional expenses and personal participation in them.

These measures, given their present duration, also lead to a significant reduction in the time of the presence of parents in the family. Accordingly, the educational role of their communication with children is reduced, the effectiveness of discussion and the resolution of emerging family problems. In essence, there is a disunion of generations, which is fraught with many negative phenomena. Because of the lack of proper control over the education and leisure of children, their poor performance at school, their distance from the family, the community, their addiction to drugs, etc.,

In view of the foregoing, we ask you to read this document for several consecutive Saturdays in synagogues and other community events. We hope for your understanding, for our common mission is to improve the lives of members of the Bukharian-Jewish community, to help families use kindergartens and teach children in yeshivas.

Congress of Bukharian Jews of the USA and Canada

Credit to: The Bukharian Times

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