Recording Artists Nikki Lynn & E.M.K. (Emanuel Nektalov) Reportedly Scams Neice of Law Enforcement Agent


Eddy H, Jennifer S., and Peter T. are victims of Emmanuel Nektalov’s car dealer fraud scam. Emmanuel posed as business manager at a local dealership, located at 2640 NW 1st Ave Ste 1 Boca Raton, FL 33431. The staff asked customers for a vehicle down payment, and then told them to come back the next day to finalize the loan. But when the customers returned, the suspect said the loan application was not completed and didn’t return the money; they cited a no refund policy.

It was determined that the suspects had no intention of processing the loans for the victims as no loan paperwork was ever completed by the suspects or submitted to a financial institution.

Emmanuel Nektalov reportedly used false social media pages and Craigslist to lure victims in. They advertised used cars for sale on pages that are listed under fictitious companies, according to police.

The suspects’ whereabouts are currently unknown but were expected to have an event with local radio station 99 JAMZ Miami. The flyer is listed below.

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