Shop Delight caters to all who choose to shop local – Eddie Yakubov

Shop Delight in Great Neck Plaza provides residents with a unique food selection and specialized services such as delivering groceries. (Photo courtesy of Shop Delight)

In many ways, Shop Delight in Great Neck Plaza is a typical grocery store, providing the community with fresh meat, produce and baked goods. However, the glatt kosher market also provides residents with foreign food and unique services that highlight the advantages of shopping local.

Established in 2008, Shop Delight has been one of the most prominent places for Great Neck residents to purchase fresh kosher food along with their usual groceries.

“We have a very good deli section along with a bakery that has freshly made items each morning,” owner Eddie Yakubov said. “We are good at what we do and we are a service the community not only needs but also desires.”

While Great Neck is known for having a predominantly Jewish population, Yakubov has incorporated aspects within the store that cater to the influx of diverse residents.

“We have delicious Middle Eastern food,” he said. “Most people in the community know us for our kosher offerings, but other food we have like our shawarma is delicious as well. We’ve seen plenty of new faces coming into the store recently, so it goes to show people like what we have.”

Though it offers a wider variety of meats and baked goods than most other grocery stores, Shop Delight faces competition from corporate grocery stores. Yakubov said he has faith in his store and his local clientele.

“We try to survive, but after shops like Best Market opened up a kosher section, it does get tough at times,” he said. “What sets us apart from stores like that is the personal and local touch. We remain a specialty store that services the community to the absolute best of our abilities.”

A recently included feature that the store provides is an automated delivery system, so a resident can submit an order online and get prompt delivery.

“Our goal is to be there for the people of Great Neck in any possible way,” Yakubov said. “Our services reflect our work staff. We like to help when and wherever we can.”

As the holiday season approaches, and extended families gather to celebrate, Yakubov has organized specialty platters and deals for the community. Snacks, meals and desserts are just some of what Shop Delight has for a holiday gathering.

“We have delicious candy and cookie platters that are popular around this time of year,” Yakupov said. “Aside from our usual platters that range in size and include fish, meats and cheeses, we’re offering to cook Thanksgiving meals for you.”

The store has several platters to choose from that include turkey, pie, cranberry sauce, potatoes and string beans for up to 18 people. Options for salads and other sides are also available, according to Yakubov.

“We always appreciate the community being there for us, so this is one of the ways we look to say thank you and bring a little less stress to the holiday season,” he said. “Our store will continue to provide the best service and quality of products for the Great Neck community.”

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