Cutting his teeth on Diamonds – Vladdy Aminov


Founder of Vladdy’s Diamonds and part of a new breed of Jewellers cutting their teeth in Manhattan, New York, Vladdy Aminov is quietly taking over. His tailor-made pieces, from customised watches to diamond encrusted engagement rings showcase an attention to detail that is hard to miss. But it’s not just his workmanship that has earned Vladdy his reputation, but the rapport he has with his clients.

For the Russian-born entrepreneur, the journey toward success is not all or nothing – but an ongoing pursuit that involves risk, failure and enough determination that it becomes part of the journey itself, not the destination. His version of success sees his satisfaction for his hard work and time invested at the forefront.

With the US jewellery market expected to reach $57.96 billion in revenue in 2021, Vladdy’s Diamonds represents a large swath of local businesses budding against large scale key manufacturers like Tiffany and Co and Swarovski for market share. The resulting fragmentation sees small scale businesses like Vladdy’s Diamonds growing, using digital-first strategies to showcase their brands on social media and provide insight into their unique relationship with their clients.

When it comes to his relationships with his own clients, Vladdy says he is amazed by the power of jewellery to become family heirlooms and is humbled to be a part of that process. His focus on nurturing relationships has seen the likes of French Montana and Fatboy grace his flagship store in New York, and highlights just how small businesses like his are changing the shape of the industry.

For the budding entrepreneur, Vladdy says to “keep track of finances, monitor trends & marketing is a must”. He accepts the lows, rides the highs and always stays true and humble no matter the heights he reaches. For an industry ever-changing, and a social and cultural landscape in flux, Vladdy’s Diamond is poised to solidify its place amongst the best.

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