Park Slope Jewelry Store Facets Grows 5 Times Bigger – Bukharian Jewish gem traders

Facets, a jewelry staple on Seventh Avenue, has expanded five times larger. (Anna Quinn/Patch)

See how the Sulay family, descendants of Bukharian Jewish gem traders, expanded their jewelry store after 20 years on Seventh Avenue.

PARK SLOPE, BROOKLYN — Park Slopers who noticed a “for rent” sign in Facets longtime storefront at 97 Seventh Ave. may be relieved to know that the staple mom-and-pop jewelry store hasn’t left the neighborhood — in fact, far from it.

Two steps down the block, shoppers will see the classic Facets Fine Jewelry sign hanging over a new, much larger space than their flagship storefront, which the family first opened in 2001.

Owners Lenny and Irina Sulay said the new spot, now at 99 Seventh Ave., means they can continue offering the neighborhood all their jewelry expertise, but now with much more. The new space is 2,500 square feet compared to their previous 500.

“Our reason for moving is simple — we outgrew our old space,” the couple told Patch. “We’ve been at the old store for a long time, but when the space at the former Area Kids became available, we didn’t hesitate. We needed more space to bring our inspirations to life! We now have so much more to offer our clients.”

(Provided by Facets) The store’s old space, left, and the new 99 Seventh Ave. space, right.

In the new space, the couple has brought in a laser welder, a 3D printing machine, a full studio and 40 percent more display cases. The expansive showroom means the Sulays can now offer new products and services, such as by-appointment diamond viewing and a collection of high-end watches, including brands like Rolex, Breguet or other fine indie designers.

The new technology, like the CAD artist and 3D printer or their state-of-the-art microscopes, mean the couple’s custom jewelry line can include creating pieces from scratch, with raw materials or by melting family heirlooms to create new original pieces.

With the expansion, they can continue the part of owning a jewelry store they love most, the Sulays said.

“It’s extremely rewarding to be an integral part of the most special occasions in people’s lives, and it’s an honor to do the work of salvaging, repairing, improving, and creating family treasures that are cherished by their owners and those they’re passed down to,” Lenny said. “Our community is filled with truly wonderful people, and it’s a blessing to be a part of it.”

The couple has a long history being part of that community, not only in Park Slope, but in the industry as a whole.

Both of the Sulays are descendants of Bukharian Jews, who were gem traders on the Silk Road bordering China and Uzbekistan. Both of their grandparents were collectors.

“Irina and I understand and appreciate the value of choosing stones and settings with a rich history,” Lenny said. “The jewelry trade is truly a part of our bloodline.”

Both Irina and Lenny started working when they were 15 years old, Lenny alongside his mother, who opened her own jewelry shop in Park Slope in the 1990s.

Lenny became a gemologist and diamond grader and eventually took over his mother’s shop. Irina joined as a full partner at Facets in 2008 and now runs their FACETS House Collection.

The couple held a soft opening at the 99 Seventh Ave. space last weekend and are planning a grand opening event soon. They will also offer tours to customers in the fall.

“We’re already feeling inspired by this new space and believe it will help us accomplish our goal of becoming the number-one jewelry restoration and custom design shop in New York,” they said. “We’re thrilled to make this investment for our customers and our community and can’t wait for the grand opening.”

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